316 Stainless Steel Machining

Continental Manufacturing are your 316 Stainless Steel machining experts! Machining services for 316 stainless steel parts include screw machining, turning, milling and Swiss machining. 316 Stainless Steel machined parts are commonly used in applications that require superior corrosion resistance and chemical attacks such as Marine (sea water) and petrochemcial industries. Our capabilities include 316 stainless steel fabrication and machining for your stock or custom part.  

Stainless Steel 316 Characteristics

Used as the second most common form of stainless steel in various industries around the world, Type 316 is an austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel that shares many physical and mechanical properties as type 304. What makes Type 316 stainless steel so popular is the molybdenum that increases the corrosion resistance against chloride ion solutions and improves high-temperature strength.  The unique properties offered by type 316 stainless steel are ideal for as-welding projects that are required in industries in need of minimal erosion, such as:

  • Food manufacturing,
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Heat exchanging,
  • Marine grade bolts and screws,
  • and much more.

Continental Manufacturing provides high-quality 316 stainless steel machining properties such as excellent impact and fatigue resistance, exceptionally high durability, self-healing, and much more.

Experts in 316 Stainless Machined Parts

We take pride in our industry-leading 316 stainless steel CNC machining experience. Our facilities can handle both short and long run requests for 316 stainless steel machined parts. Located in Dallas, Texas, our central location makes Continental Manufacturing an ideal partner for customers on both the East & West coast as well as those in the DFW/North Texas area. Contact us today to experience why Continental Manufacturing has been trusted with 316 stainless steel machining since 1954.  


CNC Milling

Our CNC milling department at Continental Manufacturing has 9 state of the art CNC mills.

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CNC Turning

Our state of the art CNC equipment includes 16 CNC lathes to take on large diameter turning projects.

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Multi Spindle Screw Machine Parts

Our multi-spindle screw machine shop is equipped with 14 Acme Gridley mulit-spindle machines.

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CNC Swiss Machining

Our CNC Swiss machining services offers many capabilities that ordinary CNC turning cannot.

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