Downhole Drilling & Tooling Services Serving Dallas TX

Continental Manufacturing offers directional downhole tools and natural gas drilling solutions. Specializing in oilfield services, Continental Manufacturing provides CNC machining services and custom-machined parts with state-of-the-art mills, turning machines, 5-axis milling machines, and Swiss and multi-spindle screw machines. Our machined parts can be custom machined to close tight tolerance for your directional drilling needs.

Directional Drilling Services

How does Directional Drilling work?

Directional drilling is an advanced drilling technique offered by Continental Manufacturing that allows precise wellbore placement in the oil field industry. Unlike traditional vertical drilling, directional drilling enables drilling at specific angles or horizontally to intersect target zones accurately. This method is especially beneficial when reservoirs are challenging to access or require optimal well placement for increased productivity.

With our expertise in directional drilling, Continental Manufacturing helps clients maximize their oil field operations by navigating complex geological formations and reaching previously inaccessible resources. By precisely controlling the trajectory of the wellbore, we optimize reservoir drainage, enhance hydrocarbon recovery, and minimize drilling risks.

Downhole Tooling Services 

What is Downhole Tooling? 

Downhole tooling refers to a specialized set of tools and equipment used in the oil and gas industry for various operations within the wellbore, or downhole, environment. These tools are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions encountered during drilling, completion, production, and maintenance activities.

Continental Manufacturing provides a comprehensive range of high-quality downhole tooling solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our inventory includes drill bits, which are essential for cutting through various formations during the drilling process. In addition to drill bits, we provide a variety of other downhole tools and equipment such as downhole motors, mud motors, reamers, mills, and fishing tools. These tools are designed to address specific challenges encountered during drilling operations, such as wellbore stabilization, hole enlargement, casing installation, and wellbore cleaning.

Downhole tooling is typically designed to withstand high pressures, temperatures, and corrosive environments encountered in the wellbore. These tools are made from robust materials such as high-grade steel and coated with protective layers to ensure durability and reliability in challenging downhole conditions.

Why Choose Continental Manufacturing?

With countless years of experience in manufacturing and machining directional downhole and natural gas drilling parts for extreme environments, you can rest assured that you will get your parts the way you want them. Our machining services are available for all materials including AISI alloy steel 4140 and 4340 in addition to S7 tool steel.

Continental Manufacturing strives to maintain and build upon our reputation of excellence and integrity by providing excellent customer service and following the AS9100 certification process. As your one-stop machine shop, we also offer value-added services such as complete warehousing of your products and shipping directly to your customers if needed.

We are ASME certified and currently in the process of being AS9100 compliant. Located in Dallas, TX, our 28,000 square foot facility is equipped with the most innovative equipment available.

We are here to serve you with any directional and natural gas drilling or downhole tooling machining applications you need. Contact our staff today for more information.