Aluminum Machining

Aluminum Machining and custom machined parts

With over 50 years of experience, Continental Manufacturing is the leader in aluminum machining services and aluminum machined parts. We have machined and manufacturered all different grades of aluminum for parts ranging from nuts, throttle stems and meter barrels for the agricultural industry; control panels, nuts and shafts for aircraft industry and holders for the medical industry. We serve clients both in and outside of the Dallas, TX area with aluminum machining services. We have a wide breadth of experience in running aluminum and specialize in custom aluminum machined parts.

Continental Manufacturing provides precision aluminum machining and fabrication services for detailed aluminum parts and components including machining aluminum extrusions. With decades of experience, Continental Manufacturing machines and delivers the highest quality aluminum parts at afforadble prices with quick turn around. We have run high and low volume close tolerance aluminum parts with hard and clear anodizing processes. Our partnership with our parent company has given us years of experience running all types of aluminum. Visit to check out some of the aluminum valves and parts we have completed.

Aluminum Alloys Machined

Here is a list of the different types of aluminum we have experience with, but not limited to:

  • Aluminum 2011-T3, extruded
  • Aluminum 2024-T3
  • Aluminum 2024-T351
  • Aluminum 2024-T4
  • Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Aluminum 6061-T651
  • Aluminum 6262-T6511
  • Aluminum 6262-T6
  • Aluminum 6262-T9
  • Aluminum 7075-T351
  • Aluminum 7075-T6
  • Aluminum 7075-T651

Aluminum Machining Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical & food packing
  • Construction
  • Electrical transmission
  • Brackets
  • Enclosures

Advantages of Aluminum Machining

  • Low cost
  • Light weight
  • Low density
  • High strength to weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Conducts heat & electricity
  • Non magnetic
  • Malleable
  • Reflects light & heat
  • Easy and fast machining
  • Easy to polish

Aluminum Characteristics

Due to Aluminum’s many advantageous properties, it is incredibly diverse in application. Its corrosion resistance makes it a good choice for marine use, while its non-toxic and protective characteristics have warranted its service in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Aluminum has the very advantageous and unique feature of having a high strength to weight ratio (aluminum weighs about 1/3 as much as steel), and its low cost and easy machining characteristics have only expanded its use and popularity. We can help you select which material will work best for your application as well as any anodizing required for your production.

Our Dallas, TX based staff at Continental Machining is here to serve you. Contact us today to learn more about our Aluminum Machining services.