Dallas CNC Swiss Machining Services

CNC Swiss Machining

Our precision CNC Swiss machining services offer many capabilities that ordinary CNC turning cannot. The unique design of the CNC Swiss screw style machine allows for ultra-close tolerance machining by having stationary tools and feeding the material out of the collet. The Swiss screw machines are frequently used for smaller quantities with shorter lead times. Our Swiss machining services include boring, drilling, milling, turning, slotting, and more. Continental Manufacturing can machine close tolerance swiss screw machine parts in all quantities and materials.

The swiss screw machines at Continental Manufacturing include 7 axis close tolerance machining for multiple drilling and tapping features as well as OD and ID grooving from the sides and both ends. Located in Dallas, TX, Continental Manufacturing provides CNC swiss machined parts to clients nationwide.

Swiss Machining vs Screw Machining

Swiss machining often referred to as Swiss-type machining or Swiss screw machining, is often the more efficient option, delivering needed savings and lead times. There are several distinct differences between Swiss machining and screw machining. The Swiss turning tool is traditionally stationary while the stock moves, unlike conventional CNC turning. Another difference between the two processes is that Swiss-type machines do not use water as their cutting fluid. These machines use oil as their cutting fluid as the lubricity is greater and it reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Traditionally, conventional CNC lathes will have fewer axes compared to Swiss screw machines (can have upwards of 13 axes).

Swiss Machining Capabilities

Our diverse line of CNC Swiss-type screw machines allows us to have many different capabilities:

  • One Swiss machine handling up to 1” diameter material
  • One Swiss machine handling up to ¾” diameter material
  • Ultra close tolerance machining .0002"
  • 5 and 7 axis machining for multiple features on the sides and ends
  • Drilling, threading, knurling, and grooving at different angles.

Materials for Swiss Screw Machining

Continental Manufacturing offers Swiss Screw Machining for a wide variety of materials, able to machine any material that your job requires. From stainless steel and aluminum to Nylon and PVC, our CNC Swiss machining capabilities are endless. We are not limited to produce in the materials we list on our site. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about machining a material that isn’t listed below.

CNC Swiss Machining Advantages

CNC Swiss Machining offers a number advantages over other machining processes that make it a favorable choice for many applications. This process is ideal for small, complex parts that need close tolerance, CNC machining.

  • Cost effective for smaller quantities
  • Shorter lead times
  • Ultra close tolerances
  • More axes
  • Reduces waste of excess material
  • Ideal for complex parts - able to be completed on one machine
  • Produces smooth surfaces
  • Capable of high detail

Why Continental Manufacturing?

Swiss screw machining

Continental Manufacturing offers innovative solutions to any challenging CNC Swiss screw machining application. Our Dallas, TX-based design team will review your designs to assure the specifications are correct for the Swiss machining process.

As a complete turn-key facility, Continental Manufacturing can accommodate your warehousing needs and ship directly to your customers. In addition, we offer manufacturing assembly services through our assembly department.

We are applying for our AS9100 certification which offers exceptional quality control procedures. We have many different quality control inspection equipment at our disposal that includes electronic TESA height gage, comprehensive thread gages, depth mics, hardness testers, spring tension testers, comparator inspection, surface testers, pin gages, and many more.

Committed to excellence, Continental Manufacturing staff is here to serve you.

Contact us today to learn more about our CNC Machined Parts or CNC  Swiss machining capabilities.